Double Acting – Series PLA-DA

Double Acting – Series PLA-DA

Double-Acting Pneumatic Actuators designed to operate Gate and Globe Valve for regulating or on-off control services.



• Heavy duty designed for linear, modulating control and on/off application 

• Low friction piston seals and coatings reduce sliding friction and provides maximum corrosion resistance

• The double-acting construction allows rigid& precise positioning

• Provides high thrust and faster response

• Wider travel range

• Actuator stem to valve stem coupling designed for easy removal and fixing

• Robust components for trouble free, low cost maintenance

• Special protection coatings for corrosion environment

• Stem protection bellows/gaiter available

• Optional mechanical Limit Stop for travel / stroke adjustments

• Optional Top / Side Mounted Hand-Wheel for manual operation 

• Optional volume tank or built-in volume chamber.(ASME Tank also available)

• Adjustable End Cushioning to prevent valve seat damage on High Speed Operation



1. Very large bore sizes, longer strokes and higher thrust Actuators are available on requests


2. For special type Actuator requirements contact LUSTRE CONTROLS