Pneumatic Actuator Manufacturers in India

Pneumatic Actuator Manufacturers in India


Lustre Controls pvt ltd is Manufacturer of Actuators in Coimbatore. 


• Heavy duty designed for linear, modulating control and on/off application 

• Low friction piston seals and coatings reduce sliding friction and provides maximum corrosion resistance.

• The double-acting construction allows rigid& precise positioning.

• Provides high thrust and faster response

• Wider travel range

• Actuator stem to valve stem coupling designed for easy removal and fixing.

• Robust components for trouble free, low cost maintenance

• Special protection coatings for corrosion environment

• Stem protection bellows/gaiter available.

• Optional mechanical Limit Stop for travel / stroke adjustments.

• Optional Top / Side Mounted Hand-Wheel for manual operation 

• Optional volume tank or built-in volume chamber.(ASME Tank also available)

• Adjustable End Cushioning to prevent Valve Seat Damage on High Speed Operation.